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Simplify your housing experience with iStay and Building Stack.

Building Stack is a simple, easy-to-use, property management platform that provides a simplified renting experience to thousands of residents like you.

You can log in to our cloud-based tenant portal to access information about your building and your lease, make rent payments online, and communicate easily with your building’s management team.

Setting up your account is easy, you’ll just need the phone number we have as your contact information. 

How to set up your building stack account


Head to Building Stack

Go to our activation portal to start your registration.


Introduce your phone number

You’ll need to introduce the same number we have as your contact number.


Create your account

Follow the steps to create your account and complete the verification process.


Manage your stay

You can pay your rent and see your lease from within the app.

Frequently asked questions

You can also use a computer, a tablet or a laptop.

Please ensure that you have the correct and updated contact information with us by emailing us. Otherwise, please call Building Stack technical support at +1 (800) 448-0502

Nothing. It’s free for you as our guest.

If you have already paid via an alternative payment method, please be patient with us while we update the database over the next few weeks.